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We initiated the Shoes 4 Kids program in response to the economic crisis, its impact on the underprivileged, the significant need across America for children’s shoes, and to support smaller, localized nonprofits with a tool to assist them in helping those in need during the holiday season. The program was designed to provide $1 million in shoes to children of families in need through nearly 67,000 gift coupons being distributed by local nonprofit partners.

We launched the program on Nov. 11 with a request to the nonprofit community to apply to be partners in this national shoe-gifting campaign, with an aim to build a partnership network of localized organizations across the nation for immediate, direct access to kids in need. During the 10-day application period, we received applications from more than 2,600 nonprofits in more than 3,000 U.S. cities nationwide. The application period is now closed.

Greater Horizons, a nonprofit based in Kansas City focused on helping donors connect with local and national charitable causes nationwide, received and conducted due diligence on submitted applications, based on criteria and guidelines developed with Payless ShoeSource. Allotment of the $15 gift coupons to selected organizations was based on the size of their client base, their local/regional coverage area and the ratio of Payless stores within that coverage area.

Reporting Requirements
Charitable organizations that are awarded merchandise gift coupons from Payless ShoeSource will be required to track the distribution of the merchandise gift coupons and to submit a final report to Greater Horizons by January 15, 2009. This report will include a summary of the process for the distribution of the merchandise gift coupons to families with children in need, as well as basic demographical information about the recipients.

Recipient organizations will be required to provide all paperwork requested by Payless to comply with Internal Revenue Code requirements. Recipient organizations will also be requested to share stories of one or more families selected to receive merchandise gift coupons including photos and a corresponding waiver or release when appropriate. It is understood that from time to time it will not be possible to share client information due to privacy concerns, and an organization's ability to comply with this request will not be a factor in the selection of recipients.

Click here to download the final report form to be submitted by all recipients prior to January 15, 2009. This report allows our partner, Greater Horizons to track and measure the distribution of the gift coupons. This data will be used for future potential programs, as well as is necessary for tax purposes.

Contact Information
If you have any questions, please contact Michele Gray at grants@greaterhorizons.org.


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